Our Angels

Our Angels

For all the parents with Angels in heaven

I am never very far away,
Always close by,
Sitting on your shoulder:
When you call me by name
I hold your hand, wipe away
Your tears, though I am invisible
You turn around and
Wonder what that sudden warm
Breath was, what that sudden
Gust of wind was that
Came ever so quick
Yet ever so quietly
Like invisible footprints.

Though I am not physically here
I am with you and
I hear your hearty laughter,
I dry your tears
And sing you a song
A sweet melody to your ears

Over the rainbow and beyond
The skyline, clouds float
And beneath the skylines
On earthly roads
other angels perch on their
Parents shoulders
Hugging them when they cry
Laughing with them
Giving them strength to go on

Though I am not visible
I am with you
I love you mommy, and daddy!

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