I wrote this poem on 8th November 2015.  My son was laid to rest on 8th November 2014.  I always seem to be linked closely to dates.  Reminders everywhere.   I remember writing this poem because i was trying to convince myself that despite all the BrOKenEsS in my life, i need to trust God to help me get through the wilderness.  I knew then that i was on a downward spiral.  I suppose i was searching for hope at a time when i was falling, falling, falling into the deep ugly wilderness that was waiting for me.  You have to look for the colour in the darkness.  You have to face your fear with hope and with God by your side!

When all the world is looming dark
And things are clouded darkly
I lean onto God for
Understanding and direction in my life.
When i feel like i am falling down,
Falling, you whisper a gentle
Message of hope and encouragement
In my ear Lord because
You love me even though i do not
Deserve it.
When i feel like there is no other way
And feel the darkness curl around me
You remind me to keep on going
To keep putting my full trust in you.
When i want to slam the door
You keep opening it gentle
And i trod this path even if i
Feel the pain echoing in my heart
You whisper that i am not alone
And that you take the pain from
My shoulders.
I learn to talk to you again oh God
Without a doubt or fear that
Surrounds my aching soul.
Somehow i feel that things will be ok
And so i keep persevering in
The safety of God’s love.
My dwelling place.

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