Morning Prayer

So on 29th July 2015, I wrote a morning prayer, thanking God for bringing me home safe, and for being on this difficult journey with me.  I wrote this, in a way to re-affirm my faith.  God is love.  God always holds me close.  I find that when I talk to God first thing in the morning, that the day turns out better than when I don’t talk to Him first thing.

Its morning again Jesus and I am looking towards you

For the direction you have chosen for me in my life.

I pray that you will hold me when I fall, I pray

That you will conquer the panic attacks with me

When they appear out of the blue.


Its morning Jesus, not just any morning Jesus.

It’s a morning and I choose once more to

Follow your words. To follow you

On this heavenly path.


Oh God please fill my spirit with wisdom and love

Oh God forgive me for all my sins

Oh God I need you every hour, I need you more

Then you think.

Oh God I need you to show me the way and fill

My broken heart with hope.


Its morning Jesus.  It is the morning of the 29th Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for putting me on that plane

A year ago back to home sweet home.

Its morning Jesus

And I remember

I remember the hope you gave me

And the wisdom you gave me

And the northern lights that guided me home.


Thank you God.  For bringing me home safely.

Thank you God for protecting me.

But mostly thank you God for loving me

And holding me in your arms these past 10 months.


Lord I need you more then I will ever know.

Please don’t abandon me.

I love you Father God. I love you

And I believe and trust in you.


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