Amazing Sacrifice

My advice is when you listen to this music just close your eyes, and allow the peace of God to transcend on you.  It is so powerful and so anointed by the Holy Spirit.

If you want to hear more of Jules Ridings songs – go to YouTube.  The songs are all very powerful.  God’s anointing is on them.

Jules Riding is currently on Tour in Eastern Europe sharing his music as he travels and talking about his testimony – God’s transforming power on his life.  His restoration, and how he came out of the wilderness.  His testimony is amazing, and very practical.  Please pray for Jules tour as he shares his testimony of restoration, and as he travels around Europe.  Pray that Jules may  touch countless of people’s lives, and that people in return will bless his ministry.

Jules has also written a book entitled Broken Heart.   Have a look at the book, part testimony, part practical advice on how to change how you approach your relationship with God.  Very powerful, and moving story.  Makes you really reflect on the relationship you do have with God.  When I was reading it, i felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Good practical advice.  It reflects the heart of someone who is a true follower of Jesus Christ, and how he overcame the wilderness! What can i say?  Just read it! I am sure it will bless you, just as much as it has blessed me!!!!


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