My Mommy is a Survivor

My mommy is a survivor from what i hear, she didnt only lose me, but she lost my sisters too.

From heavens door i watch her cry herself to sleep at night and i come still quietly to her and lie in the curve of her arm as shefalls into a troubled slumber.

She doesnt understand why I was taken from her so soon.

But i have special work to do for our heavenly father.

My mommy is a survivor as she bravely puts a smile on her face, a smile that camaflauges her grief.

Most people who dont know her dont realise how brave she is to put one foot in front of the next foot, and for going to work so soon after my death.

But shes a survivor, a fighter, a protector, a giver, and hope she brings to other angel monmies.

As i watch my mommy go to the childrens home and give presents to all children who dont have parents to give them small gifts and she doesnt have me to give her love. So my mommy finds another way to express her love and she does it in a most beautiful way as i watch her wipe away the tears of those poor children.

I say that is my mommy and i am so proud of her and i love her very much.

As i watch her through  heavens door i try and give her hope that one day all will be well.

But for now she must walk this lonely treck even though not alone, i am with her.

My mommy is a survivor, time wont heal the pain, but the rawness will ease. I ask please look after my mommy for me. She deserves to be loved.

My mommy is a survivor and thats all you need to know!

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