at the Foot of the Cross i pray

O Lord hear my prayer

fill me with your Holy Spirit

More Jesus in my life please!

More Jesus

More Jesus

More Jesus

I wispher

All my days long.


I lay before you alone

My emotions

Displayed nakedly.

O Lord who am i without you

But a sinner not worthy of your

Amazing Grace!


Fill me o Lord with more love

O Lord hear my prayer –

so that i may go out unto

Rugged plains

Between concrete jungles

so that i may pass on

Your love to the thousands

who are lost.

Your nation.

Let me a beacon to the lost

O Lord!


Help me o Lord.

Heal me o Lord

With your healing balm.

Hear me o Lord.

Speak wisdom to me

O Lord. Hear me

O Lord. Fill me

With your everlasting


Forgive me o Lord

I cry in the darkness

of my wilderness.

As i lay searching

For your truths


O Lord i seek you

a place of sweet refuge

My sanctuary

Peace will come

Peace will come

Once more


I place my unlimited

Trust in you o Lord

I place all my faith in you

I will follow you all my days

I place my sinful nature at

The cross


I will worship you

I will give my heart to you

I will surrender my all to you


O Lord hear my prayer

I am yours

I surrender myself to you.

I surrender myself to you!

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