I Stood Under the Crack


I stood under the crack

two different worlds:

Where one was pouring

Angry sad rain drops

and the other where

the sun was glaring

Brightly in the morning dawn.


A split world

Darkness and light

Light and darkness

Happiness and grief

Merged into one


A woman camoflauges her grief

And hides it behind the

Shadows of the trees

and silently glides onto

The happy road

Where shadows of grief

Quietly confront

The woman behind the

Screen of happiness


So it is where

two worlds collided into one

I stood under the crack.

I am that woman

Living under the split

In the sky where

My worlds have criss crossed the

Cross roads and merged into one.

Happiness and grief.

Grief and happiness


Shadows and light

Become a welcome

Presence of relief.

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