I managed to sleep some then unfortunately got woken up because needs must.  Only to not be able to fall asleep again.  My mind spinning once more.  Fearful for the future.  I must trust God.  I must not succumb to the devil’s taunts.  I surrender myself to God.  I trust in God.  I walk by faith.  I will not walk by fear.


Abba father, please hear my prayer

O Lord I pray that you will open

The doors for next year O God

Doors open tentatively

Lord surely doors can

Open with assurance


Abba father, please hear my prayer

Please hold me close to your heart

Reassure my broken heart

Heal me Abba father

Allow me to dwell in your presence

Abba come hold me please

Abba grant my heart your peace

Grant me my heart’s desire


When this fear comes into my life, I feel panicky and restless.  I need to find true rest in God.  I need to find peace within myself.  Help me to find that peace please.  Help me to seek your will.  Am I doing the right thing God?  What is it that you want me to do?  I was so sure this is what you wanted me to do.  But now I am not so sure anymore.  O God please keep opening doors.  Make a way where there seems to be no way.  Hear my cries Abba.  I come to you Abba to seek my rest.  I cast all my cares on the cross.  I cast all my worries onto you and you will give me rest.  Lord hear my cries.  Heal me O God.  Heal me.  Hold me O Father God.  Love me.  Please do not forsake me.  O Lord open the doors where there seems to be no way.  Lord I need you.  I surrender myself to you.  I surrender myself to your will.  Your ways are best.  Amen.  Hallelujah.  Praise be to God.

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