Abba, Abba – heal my heart

Abba abba abba

Hear my cry

Hold me close

Heal my anxiety

Oh Abba take away

My angst

Heal me oh LORD

I pray


Abba abba abba

Where are you?

I cannot feel you

Oh Abba please

Do not forsake me

Hold me close

Heal me abba abba


Abba abba abba

Do you care for me?

In a world where no-one

Seems to care

Alone i am

Love me abba please

Grant me peace

Oh abba give me your

Peace please


Abba abba

Purify me

Cleanse me

From the inside out

Heal me please

Hold me close

I need you

As you collect

My tears in a bottle

Restore me


Abba abba abba

I need you

Please take away

The chains that bind me

And set me free


Hannah beloved

Be still

For you are my child

I will not forsake you

And i love you

Be at peace beloved Hannah

All is well

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