Peace I Seek

Peace an elusive commodity

My temple shakes like an earthquake

Panic rising behind my throat

Like bile

Ready to be spewed out

Like a fountain

Darkness sifting in and out.

Night takes hold as

Empire of emotions

Veil my entire soul.


The shakes rumble through

Every temple fibre

Criss-crossing through

My veins

As I cling onto

God my anchor

Rooting my hope into

His living word.

Help me please

Peace I crave


I cast away

From my soul

Fear has no place!

Live in Faith!

Help me please.

To see God’s will.


Peace eludes my very being

Masking a kingdom

Of angst

Oh angst

You have no place in my life

I am not fond of you.

I despise you.

Peace come, oh peace

Come fill me up

So that angst does not

Consume me whole.


Empty I feel

Oh God fill me with your love

Help me to seek your

Beautiful face.

Help me to breathe

Your living word into

The fibers of my soul.

Oh Lord hear my cry please

Heal me please.

I sit in your presence


Seeking you

To feel that place

Of deep peace.

Peace will come.

Peace I seek.

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