Love is Blind

They told me once long ago

That love is blind and you made me believe this

I neither saw you nor cradled you in my arms

Neither could I dress you up

In your blue outfits

Nor could I bathe you.


I loved you from the moment you were conceived

And it intensified, this love

For you so deep

In the night I sought your kicks

And in the day

I sang you lullabies


I knitted you a blanket in the months

You were residing in my womb

And dreamed of all we would do

When you were born


I heard your heartbeat and rocked

You to sleep in my womb


But after you were born

A silence rang inside of my ears

My dreams and hopes for our future

Came crashing down


They say love is blind and this is true

Though I did not see you

You were a part of me

And my mommy instinct told me

To protect you

And move a thousand miles away


Though they denied me the right to see you

I birthed you into heaven, your body was here

But your soul was in heaven amongst the other souls.

Though I did not see you

I knew your every move in my womb

You would give me three small

Kicks as if to say

‘hey mommy don’t like on your tummy’

So I moved and you were happy


They say love is blind and this is true

Mommy loved you so much

She had to place you in the

Arms of Jesus though

She felt this goodbye was too soon


I will keep smiling through my tears

For the sake of your memory

And wipe away my tears and

Carry on your legacy! That

You left behind, my son!

Love is blind yet love for

You was so powerful

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