Surrender Yourself

Falling, falling, falling am I

Into the deep, deep pit of despair

Darkness all around

Hands reaching, reaching, reaching

Down towards me

Lifting me gently towards the light

I collapse, falling, falling……


Do not be afraid my child

Fear not for I am with you

Surrender yourself


Falling, falling, falling am i

Into the fist of darkness

I sink deep into the harsh

Hard pillow





Reaching, reaching, reaching

Hands upwards – I try my fragile voice

‘O Lord, oh please hear my cry’

Hands pulling, pulling, pulling me

Out of the fist of darkness

The light shines brightly.


God’s soft eyes look upon me

All is well, my child, all is well

You are safe.  You are loved.

You are worthy.  You are appreciated.


Falling no longer I am

I sit under the shelter of God’s wings

Soaring high like eagles

I am safe.

It is well with my soul.

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