O Lord Please Hear My Cry!

Dear Lord

Thank you for the strength you have given me to pass the difficult day yesterday. Thank you for holding me and loving me and for staying close to my heart. Thank you for the opportunity to go to this job interview on Monday and that you will open the door for me. Lord you know i am really struggling the last few weeks. I am just going through deep anguish with my job. O Lord please hear my cry! Please dont forsake me. Please hold me close to your heart and help me get through this deep deep dark pit that seens to have no ending.

O Lord tell me why there is so much pain, grief and loss in my life?? Why Lord is there so much anguish?? What are you trying to teach me?? Help me to have a patient heart Lord. I long to sit in your presence Lord. I long to hear from you and feel your hug – like that time we sat on the hill and your arms were around me and you were whispering in my ear that you love me. That you will not forsake me. That you have forgiven me. That you have a plan for my life. That you are preparing me for ministry.

O Lord hear my cry. O Lord please hear my cry. My heart is hurting. My life is a mystery to me and i know that somehow you are preparing me for ministry.

Lord please help me to face the fear of rejection. Please help me to overcome it. O Lord help me to see your reason. Lord i put my complete trust in you. Lord i seek your beautiful face. Lord help me please to overcome this overwhelming feeling of angst, of rejection, of abandonment. Lord i know that you will never leave me or forsake me. Lord i know that you love me. Lord help me to overcome. Help me to worship you. Help me to ge patient for my future. Help me to have a listening heart. A willingness to hear your voice, to seek your will. I give you my broken heart Lord.. I give you my weary and burdened heart and i know i can seek rest in you.

I love you Lord. I commit this day into your hands and i pray this overwhelming feeling of angst will not overtake my heart. The enemy will not win.

This i pray in your most precious and holy name. Amen. Hallelujah Lord.

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