Coming in Waves

My daughter Elouise’s birthday is coming up on Saturday.  With this impending birth-date, my heart grieves silently.  i curl myself into a tiny ball at home and I weep for what could have been. God’s peace will transcend.  I trust in the Lord to get me through. 


Waves hurtling against cliffs hard backbone

as grief sinks deep into the creases of dark sinking sand

My feet swiftly disappear underneath

the quilts of silky ice powder,

into the waiting black


Tears uncoiling from under eye’s lip

as memories unfold with

the sounds of the crashing waves going

thumpy thump thumpy thump thump


Water swells around my grieving heart

and floods out as eagles soar high

above the heavens; my eyes searching

for the cross

I fall into the brown, smooth sand

looking upwards towards the endless blue

where the Maker sits and says

‘Come to me Child, unburden your grief,

I am here with you.  Peace will come

Peace will come’


Grief sits silently on cliffs shoulder

until next crashing wave comes

in a loud fashion, waiting, cruising

for its next moment of complete despair

within a broken heart of a grieving mama


Skywards I look, as the messengers

of the sky guide my being

towards the foot of the cross,

and I sit silently in His

everlasting presence.

waiting to hear His soft voice,

in the endless seams of sand

and waves crashing, crashing,

crashing against cliffs


The wind blows and God’s

Love engulves me into his

Loving embrace and

I gaze up and feel

At peace once more

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