Secret Place

I delight in you in a secret place, and I know that you delight in me.  You are my food, you are my every breath, and you are all in all to me.  Draw me deeper into you.  O Lord, hear me please, allow me to draw deeper and deeper into you.  My heart skips a beat when I think about all that you have done for me, and for the love that you have for me.  O Lord, I desire more of you now and forever.  Always. Always.  You are my all in all.  I desire to spend more and more time with you, and I desire to love you more deeply, and give you my all.  I surrender myself to you in that secret place where it is just you and me.  Me pouring out my heart to you.  At the foot of the cross I sit, and I am in awe of how much you have done for me, at how you pulled me through every trial and every blessing.  Only because of the strength you give me.  Only because of your presence.  O Lord, I love you!

Psalm 16:11

You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

Thank you Lord for drawing me to your table and allowing me to be in your presence.  Thank you Lord for your amazing grace and your amazing sacrifice.  O Lord, how I love you so.  O Lord, I have no words to describe the peace that you have given me, and the joy that you are filling my heart each and every day.  How you overflow my cup with your love, wisdom and grace.  More of you I need, O Lord.  I just need more of you in my life.  More of your AMAZING GRACE.

A powerful emotion has just overcome my very being and all I want to do is shout for joy, and say you are my all in all, I surrender to your will and to your grace.  I feel Lord, very near to the edge of my wilderness and as I approach my wilderness, O Lord, my arms are slowly rising, rising, rising, until I worship you fully with my heart.  My arms in the air in complete surrender.  Thank you Lord, for helping me to see hope again in my dark and weary world.  Thank you Lord, for your love and grace.  O Lord, the emotions I have for you are too difficult to express in words.  But as I am writing this I have a small smile on my face, and my heart is singing hallelujah.  Hallelujah.  Praise the Lord for his mercies.  Praise the Lord for his peace that surpasses all understanding.  O Lord, you are wonderful and have given me so much.  You have pulled me through the wilderness and helped me to find that secret place in you.  O Lord, I just want more of your love upon my life.

I feel so close to you like two years ago when I was pregnant with my son, and when I was skipping down the road with joy.  O Lord thank you for this feeling of freedom in my spirit.  Thank you for bounce in my step.  Thank you for your presence within me.  More of you.  More of you in my life please.  More of you in my life please O Lord.  Thank you for your living word and for drawing me closer to you so that I can read, and learn more about all your ways.

O Lord thank you for the gift of life, thank you for rescuing me from my pit of despair when I was falling, falling, falling.  Thank you for helping me to overcome each panic attack, with strength and resilience.  Nothing can be praised without your presence, for you are in every part of my being.  More Holy Spirit.  More Holy Spirit.  Fill me up with more of your love.  Let me shine to the world and be a beacon of light to the lost.  Lord help me to sit in your presence, and to read your word and to teach the world about your living grace.  O Lord thank you so much for my son.  My heart shouts for joy, for my son is safe.  Sebastian is sitting at your feet worshipping you.  I know so.  I am sitting at the foot of the cross, and worshipping you.

Romans 5:5

And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

Thank you Lord for taking my shame away.  Thank you Lord for your presence within me.  Thank you Lord for giving me hope where there was no hope.  Thank you Lord for being with me throughout my wilderness and never giving up on me.  Thank you for the way the Holy Spirit moved within people so that we may be touched infinitely by your grace.  Thank you Lord for your AMAZING SACRFICE.  For allowing your son to die so that we may have eternal life in you.  O Lord, I am not worthy of your grace, and your love, and yet you love us so much that you have provided us a righteous path so that we may seek you in that secret place.  O Lord thank you.

I have tears in my eyes as I am writing this.  I am very close to the edge of my wilderness.  With each intense nightmare, and each intense panic attack, I know you are helping me to overcome it.  I know you are helping me to face my fears.  O Lord thank you for this.  Thank you for allowing me to feel your presence so deeply once more.  Thank you Lord Jesus for being my savior, thank you Lord for giving me a way forward, and a hope for my future.  O Lord thank you so much.

Praise the Lord, for it is well with my soul.  It is well.  I am free.  I am no longer in exile.  Thank you Lord Jesus.  I lift my hands up to you and I will forever worship you.  Hallelujah Lord.  Thank you for that secret place that is known only to you Lord, where you draw me in to your table Lord, to sit and dine with you.   I delight in you, in a secret place, I know that you delight in me.  Your my food and drink. Your my every breath.  Thank you Lord for loving me, and giving me Hope. Draw me deeper into you. Draw me closer to you.  Let me sit in your presence Lord.  O Lord thank you for your love and grace in my life.  Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.  I AM FREE.  My hope and joy is in you.  My hope and joy is in you, and I look to the cross, and I know IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

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