I feel like an outsider, an observer and yet intriguingly i am part of something bigger and vaster than the big deep blue sea. From where i sit/stand i find it oddly comforting to be amongst these strangers and yet they are not strangers for we are brothers and sisters in Christ! Hallelujah!!

There is something truly remarkable when you worship in a different language that you don’t fully understand. Your body gives of these strange vibrations as the holy spirit gently weaves into your hard walls of your own prisoners confinement. The holy spirit becomes more powerful as it seeps through to your very core! God is good! He makes provisions for when you dont understand everything. Hallelujah. Thank you God for the peace that transcends all understanding. Thank you for your wisdom and gentle voice and your ever lasting presence within me. Thank you Lord. More Jesus. More Jesus! More Jesus please! Please fill me up with the holy spirit. Let me feel your peace across my face.

I have now come to the realisation that we all worship one God. One holy God. United in prayer. United in love. United in the love for our wonderful indescribable amazing God. Thank you God for this experience. Thank you God for this beautiful day. Thank you God. Thank you God for forgiving our sins in your most holy and powerful name.

Its mind boggling really how closed minded we can really get where once upon a time i used to think that Christians only speak English!!
As i am sure others thought Christians only speak Russian or polish or croatian. Yet across every corner of this world we pray, we kneel at the foot of the cross and we cry to our heavenly father. Thank you God for this beautiful reminder and for your presence within me. Thank you God. Thank you God. More Jesus please.

I am sitting here amongst these strangers and they have moved my soul deeply. I sit here with tears of joy in my eyes. Truly moved by the power of God. Truly loved. Truly blessed in more ways than onThank you God.

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