The Silent Whisper of the Lord my God

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened

The Lord heard my sorrow, and whispered silently in my heart ‘i love you!’

On the battle field i stand tall as I lean on God’s strenght i fight the demons that steal my night and steal my day. For with Jesus everything is possible in His Holy and mighty name!

I silently walk towards the cross and I lay before it and weep to my Lord my God give me strength! Show me the way for He will make my path.

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and i shall give you rest as you dwell in the safety of the Lord.

‘precious child, precious child – lay your burdens on the cross and proclaim Jesus is your saviour’ – o Lord please help me as i walk this path. Give me strength as i learn to lean on your understanding and not my own.

Please i pray help me to face my silent wars against the demons that steal my joy and let me proclaim victory in your mighty name!

To the altar i come and kneel before it as i weep openly about my son the one i gave to you Lord. Please give me peace in my heart. Please help me to not be angry. Please Lord free me from the guilt that gnaws as me. My son is safe as he is sat by your feet in perfect peace. I love you my son. I love you oh Lord.

The Lord is my refuge and in him I shall seek my dwelling place. The place of sweet rest. Thank you Lord for covering me in your presence.

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