Reasons Why Not to Take Trolley Bus to Work

I usually walk to work, but today I have a pretty dress on with some high-heels and it is impossible to walk to work in high-heels unless you decide to wear pumps/sandals and today I decided I didn’t want to do that.  No particular reason under then being tired and knowing that I can’t leave work early anyways so there was no motivation, so reward to get into work early. I love walking but I have 101 things to do before Friday so I decided that I needed to spend more time on the things that need to be done than on walking to work.

Anyways I got on the bus, paid for my ticket, stayed standing, bus stopped, more people came on, bus carried on, bus stopped, then suddenly bus stops and a whole bunch of standing people including me get flung over – crash I hit the floor and I am lying there in a daze, someone fell on top of me because the bus driver hit the break so suddenly so as  not to crash the bus in the car in front of us who pulled in front of us in the last minute.

I generally don’t like taking buses because there are a bunch of people on the bus and you are trapped in a small space with people standing in your personal bubble or they sneeze on top of you, or they look at you in a rather disapproving manner because you accidently hit them with your handbag as you try and get off the bus in one piece, intact.  I mean I am a nice person, I try to look where I am going and I try not to hit anyone, but sometimes it is impossible when the bus so packed with people…

Oh and public transport system is so expensive, and you’re still stuck in traffic. It doesn’t bring you from point A to B in a quicker fashion.  Whilst if you walk you can go at your leisurely pace, and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.  Today my arm is bruised from landing on the floor and my ego is slightly bruised for falling into a spectacular heep.  But such is life.

Then there was the incident about 18 months ago when I took the bus and I paid for my ticket but I went over it by 2 minutes and I had to pay 50 euros! I remember writing this:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Today I had to pay a 50 EUR fine. I hope you are satisfied with the money that you received for no reason other then the fact that I overstayed my welcome on your bus. I appreciate your bus service and think they are very good up until today when I had to pay the hefty fine, when I overstayed my welcome by 2 minutes! Merely due to a fault of my own. But also due to a lack of ticket purchasing areas for passengers who embark on a bus in the middle of nowhere may I add! If there was a ticket machine where I was standing I would not have had to pay a 50 EUR fine.

I was on the bus and I was thinking of my son who died 6 months ago, and by thinking I lost track of time and missed the stop I was supposed to get off at. I eventually got off at a bus stop near jarovce. So, I crossed the street, looked for a machine to purchase another ticket even though I still had 10 minutes on my other ticket. Bus comes, I hop on and am about to disembark the bus when ticket inspector comes one stop before I get off and he checks my ticket. Yes, I went over the time but only by 2 minutes. I can understand that you want me to pay but I think a 50 EUR fine is a hefty fine when you had a ticket that only expired 2 minutes prior. I can understand to pay 50 EUR if you have no ticket or overstayed your welcome by 20 minutes. But I cannot comprehend the hefty fine when the inspector saw that I went over a few minutes.

Obviously, I paid on the spot. I did not want to cause any issues and I felt terrible because I always pay for a ticket to go on the bus. The question is why you cannot implement a system where a user of the bus does not have to pay 50 EUR when they only went over by 10 minutes or less. Why can they not pay a 10 EUR fine or 20 EUR fine. 50 EUR is a large fine when the ticket has only just expired, I think.

This is just an idea that you could implement, or make more ticket shops available in areas that are accessible from remote locations may I add where a passenger can get a monthly bus pass.

Thanks for reading.

A bitter passenger.

I guess I have learnt my lesson again today. To go and walk to work when I can rather than taking the bus.  Best to take a pair of decent shoes to work and wear pumps to walk to work.  This is the conclusion I have come to.  Plus it will enable me to pray to my Father in Heaven, and then the day will feel a lot better than when I don’t pray in the morning.  The Lord knows what is best for me.  And I will continue to cling onto him and share with him every intimate detail inside my head.

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