Passing Ship

I don’t just want to be a passing ship, I want to be…
Like the cathedral that stands elegantly for centuries
I want to be the flower in a field of green grass

A moving ship is what I was from place to place
Moving endlessly as the wild water crashes against
The cliffs, a storm brews, fear curls around her tightly
Running, running away from the echoes of my past

I don’t want to be the fleeting ship of bygone times
I want to be the moonlight that guides her step by step
Into safety, away from the hurling stones

I want to be the light that shines a deep love and compassion
For what is broken, for what is no more
I want to love small Hannah
For she is God’s child

Precious and loved
A special flower blooming
God’s grace is sufficient
She is me, I am her
A passing ship no more

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