The Weeping Tree

Today as I walked by the river, I saw a tree weeping
He looked at me with big brown oval soulful eyes
Lonely and isolated he stood slumped in a corner
I questioned: What is missing from this Tree’s life?

I know!
Weeping Tree doesn’t know God
Sharing with him God’s love
Slowly the branches lifted and let light in
As Tree felt God’s love
Tree’s branches embraced all
Those around him
God left his mark, with his long soft tentacles
Tree drew people into his loving embrace
Peace came, joy filled the world close by


Tree was sad at the demise of a
World gone so badly wrong
So much brokenness
The tree wept for the brokenhearted
The lost, the lonely, the isolated
He wept, the weeping willow tree
Overcome with emotion

Immersed himself into praising the Lord
Sharing the gospel message
Like that lone figure that spoke
To his very heart of stone
God is love and melts granite
Tree now has peace
And weeps no more

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