Everyone’s Daughter

I am my mother’s child, I am my father’s child
I am God’s child
Wherever I go I am Hannah Celine
I don’t wear a mask anymore
What you see is what you get
I am who I am – God’s daugther

I used to wear masks
A mask of grief
A mask of strength
A mask of happiness
A mask of pretence
A mask of weakness
A mask of niceness

One day God spoke to my heart
Come here my child
Do not be afraid
You are a beautiful young woman
You don’t need to hide
Be yourself my precious daughter
For you are loved

I no longer hide behind the mask
I am who I am
I am everyone’s daughter
She could be yours
Afraid and lost
Confused, broken, damaged
Helpless, alone

I am a complexion of
Everyone’s daughter
Brokenness deeply
Merged within

Your daughter could be me
I could be your daughter
I am everyone’s daughter
Filled with Father’s love
And grace
Despite my inequities.

I am everyone’s daughter
I belong to the king of kings

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