Three Godly Men

dedicated to Jules, Jim, and Jeff

Similarly, as the previous post Three Godly WomenI have three Godly men in my life who have impacted me in more ways then I would care to admit. Who have helped me to come to terms of being fatherless, given me examples of what a father should look like and be like. I would like to honour them and give them thanks publicly for all that they have done for me. Each of these men serve God in the way that they have been called to serve God. Each of these men have their own gifts and serve the Lord in such a way that people are moved by their humility, and for the fact that they do not put themselves first but the needs of others first. Jules knows Jim. Jim know Jeff. The common denominator in this is once more they know me – a sinner saved by the grace of God.

Jules – I met Jules in April 2016. It was a rainy day. It was thundering. There was a downpour just before his concert. I remember clearly not wanting to go, and just wanting to go home away from the downpour happening outside. But something tugged me to go to the concert.  So, I went to his concert. Jules has a ministry to the brokenhearted. He travels the world to share his music, to encourage people, and to give hope to people. He shows that there is restoration at the foot of the cross.  Jules music impacted me so deeply, that I bought two of his CDs with my last €20,00. Blessed with a discount too! I told him my story and I said your story has impacted me. It has given me hope on this dark journey, and thus a friendship ensued. A father daughter type relationship.  I know I can go to Jules for advice for anything. Whether it is spiritual or emotional advice. He has always got a listening ear. He is one of the most humbling men I have met in my life the way he wants to serve the Lord. Considerate of everyone’s needs, and puts their needs above his own.  Jules believed in me the way my own biological father should have.  He encouraged me, supported me, and showed me how I can get things done with the right amount of effort. Jules taught me that nothing is too hard as long as we take everything step for step. He taught me the power of prayer, the power of God’s word and that writing down scripture in a book and reciting it when things are difficult i.e. when experiencing a panic attack. He healed a wound that was missing for many years. The lack of a father’s love. The lack of feeling secure and safe. Jules showed me that I was not a failure but that I was able to achieve stuff with the right amount of encouragement. His music helped heal wounds that were deep as the trenches at the bottom of the sea.  He showed me that he will not give up on me, in the same way that Father God will not give up on us.  Thank you Jules for your support, encouragement, love, over the last two and a half years. Thank you for believing in me and for not giving up on me even when things were tough for me.

Jim – Jim I met at a concert. He reached out and decided to become friends with this rather messed up person. Jim says he was impacted by what I said when I shared my testimony.  I can go to Jim for advice and know that he will give me an honest perspective. That he is not afraid of saying his meaning.  He’s given me examples of his own struggles and how to overcome them. He has helped me to see sometimes that my thinking is wrong and that I should change my thinking. Jim also believes in my potential and encourages me to follow my heart’s desire.  Thank you Jim for your friendship. Thank you for the way you serve the Lord. Thank you for not giving up on me.

Jeff – I met Jeff at a Father Heart conference in Germany. It impacted me deeply. Jeff ministers across Europe and helps people to see Father God’s love. He has this desire to serve the Lord, and to draw closer to God all the time. Like Jules and Jim, he believes in my potential. Encourages me to keep going. Showed me what Father’s love is really like, and that despite my mistakes, despite my many faults that he will not give up on me. That he will encourage and support me and show me the way forward.  Even when I don’t always want to hear what they have to say. He does it out of love.

Again, there are many more men who have impacted me. But it is these three men that have stuck by my side, believed in my potential, encouraged me, and supported me when the going got really tough over the last couple of years. They also showed me different aspects of Father’s love, and grace.  That the love Father has for us is unconditional not conditional. I am grateful that they continue to show me the way, and guide me and that I can go to them when I struggle. Without their support and love I would not know where I am. They each have shown me a part of God’s heart. A part of God’s love towards us.  I am humbled and privileged to know each of these Godly men. Thank you Father God.


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