Rivers album

Jules Riding an outstanding musician from New Zealand. I wholeheartedly support this man of God as he embarks on trying to record an album. Any one of those new songs will impact you and speak to you in ways you cannot imagine. If you would like to support this project please let me know at hannahcfairchild@gmail.com or julesriding@gmail.com
Thank you


Rivers Pic Pink
This album was conceived on the shores of the Waikato River where it exits Lake Taupo by the Taupo township in NZ.  I walked there one morning after the final concert of the ‘Sanctuary’ Tour May 2014. I was deeply impacted by the depth and rich blue/green colour of the water and how it seemed the perfect metaphor for the Christian walk. The Holy Spirit has the ability to reach into our inmost beings, to touch us, to cleanse us, refine us, redefine us, lead us, and even comfort/counsel us in our most testing times.

Since that time I have done many bible studies on various aspects of water in scripture. The result is this new collection of songs. Essentially, a collection of songs about faith and the different aspects of our Christian walk. The songs have been written in different countries: mainly Australia, NZ and Eastern Europe. The song 

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