Good Friday – United Walk of Witness

Today is Good Friday. It is cold. Rainy. Wet. Damp. Often times the weather can dampen our feelings along with the dampness of winter cold.  It’s almost April and we still haven’t reached temperatures in the double digits.  For me, … Continue reading

Winter, Past Tense

The trees are tired of winter The trees are screaming green please I am tired of winter Winter can go hide, spring can come Winter darkness has been enough The cold hammering persistently Not giving up, it is time for … Continue reading

Walking the Marathon

I often find that my best time to write is in the early hours of the morning when everyone is soundly asleep. Still snoring away silently in their respective houses.  In this dark quiet city, where there is almost no … Continue reading

Dear Life-Partner (11)

Dear Life-Partner, When I look at the very first letter I wrote to you, I was looking to the horizons. Excited about the future. Excited about moving to Berlin, Germany. I guess just looking forward to a completely new adventure. … Continue reading

Fremde vor der Türe

Für die Familie, die mich vor 7 Monaten gnädig aufgenommen hat, als ich nirgendwohin konnte … Gott möge euch reich segnen. Matthäus 25,35: Denn ich war hungrig und du hast mir zu essen gegeben, ich war durstig und du hast … Continue reading

my dearest Sebby

my dearest Sebby, It has been a while since I wrote to you.  Even though with the passing of time, there is not a day that goes by where I don’t think about you. Is that strange? You’re never really … Continue reading