3rd Birthday Poem to my Sebby

It is 1.05 pm, three years Since your birth.. and death But it seems as if it only Happened hours ago No longer grief comes In big crashing waves More like the ebb and flow Of an eventide twinkling Past … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Boy!

My Darling Sebby, Happy Happy Third Birthday in heaven! May you have a wonderful time at the feet of our Father today.  If you could have lived, mommy would have made you a chocolate birthday cake perhaps in the shape … Continue reading

Catalyst of Change

One could say that a catalyst of change occurred to me on 26 September 2014.  Or one could say that life changed drastically the day that I conceived my son late January 2014. When I reflect on those gone by … Continue reading

Can’t I Come Home to You?

Can’t I come home to you? Can’t you take me away from this pain? Can’t I come home to you? And experience the peace I once Overflowed with? Can’t I come home to you? Where there was joy and laughter… … Continue reading

Approach with Caution – Migraine Land

I woke up with a thunder clap Strike 1, strike 2, strike 3 Not again Migraine land is back Oh the pain The startling pain Piercing knife Wrapped stubbornly around my head I whimper like a wounded animal Pain knows … Continue reading