I love you, Dad

dedicated to JR the dad I never had …..

I love you, dad
When I was falling apart at the seams,
Crying, wondering where God would lead me
Your guidance would be the light
In my dark tunnel

You’re the best, anyone could ever ask for
Your compassion, your love, your prayers
That travelled hundreds of miles to reach
This broken woman was enough to
Encourage me to keep going forward
Even when everything else around me
Was falling, falling, falling.

You were there, helped pick up
The broken pieces and glued them back together
Sacrificing everything
For what would be best for me,
So that I could be whole again

Showing me forward through the thick maze
Of unrelenting pain, of everything unravelling
And you were there, welcoming me home
Reminding me of my potential
Encouraging me when everyone else had
Written me off as a lost cause

I just want to tell you
Thank you for your support,
For your encouragement,
For your love

I just want to tell you
If I had the chance, I’d run into your arms
For one more hug, one more coffee,
One more long talk
One more adventure.

Thank you for loving me
Thank you for allowing me
to be me freely with no shame tagged
To my name.

I love you dad,
that is all there is to know….
You are my hero,
Always will be.

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