A Dad’s Love

Dear Children,

Some words of advice from someone who has gotten to know your dad over the past 18 months.  Advice from someone who has never had a father-figure.  You are blessed to have a dad, and blessed that he loves you so much.  He has a special place for each of you in his heart. He cares for you deeply. He’s immensely proud of you. Hold that dear to your heart.

I’d like to tell you first off that your dad is one of the most amazing, most compassionate, kind-hearted people I have ever met in my entire life. Your dad has a heart of gold.  He always puts the needs of others first before his own.   He prays for you, the broken-hearted, the bewildered, the lost, the suicidal, the confused, the people with low self-esteem, the people that are grieving, and the fatherless (like me).

If I had a dad like your dad I would be running to him all the time for advice, for his wealth of wisdom, and just to be able to spend time with him. Your dad prays for you daily, he talks about you daily, and he wants the best for you. He has so much love for you all – it is overflowing.  Bursting.

Boy, do I wish that I grew up with a dad like that.  A dad that would read me bed-time stories every night, a dad that would sing to me lullabies and songs, a dad that would provide for my needs.  A dad that would love me and make sure that I was OK, and comfort me when I am sad.  A dad that would stand up for me, and tell me that I am not alone.  A dad pointing me in the right direction.  A dad extending his wisdom towards me, and giving me guidance to make the right choices in life rather than rushing my decisions.  A dad that sees his child’s potential and encourages them to reach it.   A dad that supports his child no matter what.  A dad that loves his child.

It is so important to have those things in a dad these days.  And when you don’t have that – a dad, it becomes almost impossible.  It becomes a daydream. A longing. A desire to want to experience a father’s love. To want to be a father’s delight.. It’s a craving, an ache. You miss out on what all the children do have with their loving doting fathers.  You underachieve, you become vulnerable, and insecure, and have low self-esteem and no social skills.  Wondering whether you are good enough, or just not good enough at all. Wondering if you’ll ever be loved and experience the love of a father.

Your dad has been like a dad to me, a mentor and a friend.  He has helped point me in the right direction, and shown me my potential because he believes in me, and knows that I can achieve stuff, beyond what I thought I was ever capable of because I was always told that I am not capable of achieving anything. But I am, and that is thanks to your dad for showing me the way forward through my wilderness.  For your dad encouraging me, and supporting me with getting my book published.  Your dad has given me one of the greatest gifts of all – a gift that I never experienced from my dad and that gift was fatherly love, and a wealth of wisdom to help me to achieve beyond my wildest dreams.  If I ever had a chance, I would embrace your dad and say thank you for helping me sort out my life, thank you for showing me the way forward. Thank you for not giving up on me.

You see my own dad was not a nice man at all.  He bullied me, he made me feel like a failure, that I was ugly but your dad told me that it was all a lie.  So, if I ever have the chance to see your dad again I would run to him with open arms and say thank you, thank you for helping me, thank you for loving me, thank you for guiding me, thank you for caring enough about me, and showing me that I am a young woman capable of achieving and I would hug him, and show that I appreciate him.

Your dad healed something deep within my broken spirit.  For so long, I walked this earth without a dad that didn’t care about me, that only showed contempt towards me, but your dad healed that wound, that gaping 27-year old wound.    Something deep within me healed, as he kept loving me, encouraging me, and believing in me, and showing me the way forward.  I will always be thankful for his guidance.  He helped heal some of my anxiety, some of my insecurities about myself, and showed that I am a lovable person.  I appreciate that, and I will always be thankful that he had enough insight, and the compassion to reach out to this very broken woman.

You only have one dad and when you have a loving, doting father then keep that dear to your heart, run to him, show him that you appreciate him, that you love him, don’t deny his existence. Seek his presence, seek his wealth of wisdom. He wants to share so much with you, but you have to be open to receiving.

I was hungry to receive all your dad’s wisdom, and guidance.  Because I was deprived of that as a little girl.  If I had a chance and if I could, I would have loved to hang out with your dad more often, to be able to be a part of his life on a weekly/monthly basis because he can teach me so much about the grace of God in my life, he can teach me about God’s love and compassion, and he can help guide me to make the right decisions in my life. I would run to him, because he has shown that he cares for me, and cares enough to want to see that I reach my potential.  He has shown me love when I have received so much hate in my life.  I would run to him, and invite him for a coffee so that he can help me figure out my life, and pray for me if I could, except he’s across the pond, miles away.

Embrace him, love your dad, show your dad that you appreciate him, show him that you are interested in his life.  That is what he wants.  He wants his children to achieve, but he also wants to know that you appreciate him, that you are interested in what he is doing.  That you want to know how he is doing.  He wants to hang out with you.  Don’t deny him that please.

Remember dads are not perfect, but it is when they try, and want the best for their children, and when they fight for their kids, and encourage and support their kids, on a daily basis, and love them unconditionally for who they are then you know that you have the best dad in the world.  Embrace that. And let him into your world. I would. If I had a chance.

I have adopted your dad as a father figure in my life.  A father that I never had. And I will always be indebted to him for his guidance, for his love, support and encouragement to me. A dad that showed my potential, and healed something deep within my broken heart.

I would love a dad like  that and run to him all the time.  Your dad is my hero. He’s given me hope when I had none and shown me the world is my oyster. Embrace it Hannah, don’t be afraid. He showed that risks are worth taking and that I should not be afraid to reach my dreams and that he’ll support and guide me gently.

I am a truly blessed woman to know your dad and  thankful for his support, encouragement and love and for his prayers for me. Your dad is truly a wonderful godly man.  He’s shown me what a father’s love is like and I’ll be always thankful for that.

Yours truly,


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