P1 & P2

P1 and P2 sat in a pew

Gazing out at the cross

Looking for answers within

Sitting silently in God’s presence

Awaiting to hear God’s will

For their life


P1 and P2 prayed

Silently amongst the trees

As the birds chirped

Messages of hope

Across the lazy rolling hills

Of pure green carpet


P1 gazed

P2 gazed silently into the

Ominous distance

Of rumbling clouds

Fumbling for answers

Wondering where this

Path will lead to


P1 and P2 sat in a pew

Unravelling the mysterious

Brokenness of life

Fragile but resilient life

Strength given

By our gracious God


P1 and P2 sat in

Companionable silence


Baby Loss/Infant Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss and Infant loss this month.  But this week it’s a BIG focus around the world. For those who have lost children please don’t make the same mistake as I have by not mentioning my precious children Micheline, Elouise … Continue reading