Jules Riding News

 I am advertising this as I believe that more people need to be aware of Jules’ music.

Tour Report

Jules drove 14,900kms solo through 14 countries in Central and Eastern Europe: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and back to Germany. 50 concerts/services in 93 days April 5th-July 4th. He ministered in a variety of churches but also with home fellowships plus prisons and rehab centres. Jules visited the poorest countries in Europe but found a receptive audience for his message of restoration at the foot of the Cross. The tour was 18mths in the planning and the culmination of a vision for ministry received on the verge of ‘retiring’ in 2014. Thanks to those who prayed and to those who donated to this mission, God bless you richly!
Pic shows the congregation at the First Pentecostal Church in Sofia Bulgaria.


Jules Blog (daily record of the Tour)


Feedback from Concerts

Pre House Concert warmup in Tartu Estonia

From the Mailbox ‘You are indeed impacting people’s lives through your testimony of restoration, and it brings hope to a broken world, broken people, people who have been hurt, people of all walks in life. So I would just like to thank you for your music. Music to which I listen to every day and it calms the storm in my raging heart. There is hope for people who are broken, who feel like outsiders. So thank you for your encouraging message of restoration’. Hannah, Bratislava

Scandinavia Tour 2017

Jules will tour Scandinavia April-June in 2017. If you have friends, family or contacts for ministry or accommodation in Denmark, Sweden, Finland or Norway please send details to the Tour co-ordinator Hannah Fairchild at hannahcfairchild@gmail.com
Jules is also considering a sidetrip to St Petersburg in Russia, and is keen to hear from individuals or ministries with experience in that country.
Also, possibly visiting the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland post-tour.

New Album in the Pipeline

Jules has been working on a collection of new songs over the last 18mths, written in Australia, NZ and Eastern Europe. Many are scripture songs, and many new ‘heart songs’ which are a characteristic of his music over recent albums.
Please watch this space for a ‘crowd funding’ campaign to raise the finance needed to make this new project (his 12th studio album) a reality.

NZ Bookings

Jules is currently taking ministry bookings around NZ over the next 6mths. If you would like Jules to share at your church please email julesriding@gmail.com for full information. Jules shares in Sundays services, as well as in Family and Outreach Concerts on a Fri/Sat/Sun evening or with smaller groups such as Home Groups, Worship Teams, Recovery Groups, Mens/Womens Groups etc, during the week.

JULES RIDING – julesriding@gmail.com    (+64) 021-116-9350  (NZ Mobile)  www.julesriding.com


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